Our Strategy

Our General Strategy

To build a strong sustainable rugby management system in Uganda.

Our Strategic Pillars

  1. GROW - Grow the game wherever you can;
  2. MANAGE - Attract the right people and manage resources well;
  3. EXPOSE - Give the fans and all involved a great rugby experience;

Know You Customer

In order to focus attention and strategically ensure effective resource management for a customer based development strategy the Uganda Rugby Union has identified the Customer as follows;

  1. Primary Customer: The Players
  2. Secondary Customer: The fans
  3. Key Stakeholders: Clubs, Schools, Parents, Match Officials, Sponsors, Partners, Government Bodies, Press

Our Value Proposition

A safe and fun environment for everybody to try, play and stay involved in the game of Rugby.

Strategic Objectives

The things we must continuously do to realize our vision, mission and value proposition is based on developing our people and process capabilities, in order to attract more resources to the game and using these resources to grow our player base and improve our player welfare.  A “strategy map” has been developed to communicate how this strategy links various objectives in a “cause and effect” relationship

In order to understand the strategy map reading it “upwards” keep asking why? For example; why enhance technical capacity? Following the arrow will lead you to “to increase use of modern technology”. Or, “why enhance stakeholder relationships” the arrow leads to “improve strategic partnerships. On the other hand, you can read the strategy map downwards. Using same examples: “how can we increase use of modern technology” answer, by “enhancing technical capacity”. In doing this, we ensure our strategy is “balanced” across all major organizational perspectives of URU.